Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Amazing Post It Note

It was wonderful to open my packed lunch at work today to discover that Niamh had hidden a Post It note between my sandwiches. It was amazing to read the note and know that she was thinking about me today.

Why don't you try leaving a Post It Note for your partner to find .... tell us how you get on.


  1. Oh I love doing that to people! I don't limit notes just to romance, either. I've snuck "good luck" notes in my sons school books on a test day, or in their mittens on a snow day.

    It's a great way to remind those we love, that we love them.

    Very, very sweet of your wife to do!!

    By the way...nice blog!


  2. Thanks Dannah ... i even found a post it note in my shoe today!