Sunday, 19 June 2011

Ideas we can pick from .......

We will both write down five ideas/situations that we would like to try. These will be placed in a pot and we will randomly pick one each week. When we think of a new idea we will add this to the pot and post on the blog.

Jim's Five

  • A fire in the garden while listening to music and drinking red wine
  • To take a least half an hour each to massage each other before .......
  • To find alternative ways to communicate with each other during the day without using mobiles and emails
  • Book a romantic weekend away for 2!
  • Have sex in a new place (not in the house)
Niamh's Five
  • Look on similar websites/blogs to learn from them..
  • Take time to really think about the way the other appreciates things and find a new way to show them how much you value them.
  • Try out a new way to have an intimate evening at home - avoid the familiar things you normally do..
  • Use a social stirrers pot to stimulate new conversations.
  • Do something spiritual together..
Tomorrow we will pick one for this week...
(If any readers have any additional ideas..please let us know and we may add them to our list)

10.15p.m   I was very impressed that Jim chose to spend some of his birthday money bed linen!- time to slip under the new duvet!


  1. This is such a good idea! I have only been married a short time, but we're both so comfortable with each other that it's easy to just stick to routine and forget to shake things up. Can't wait to see what one you guys pick!

  2. Thank you Colours of Happiness. We are also aware of the danger of getting too comfortable and the need to shake up the routine. We will blog what we pick later tonight!