Saturday, 18 June 2011

Mussels and Cabernet Sauvignon

So there we were sitting in the restaurant eating mussels and drinking Cabernet Sauvignon, conversing about the past 17 years of marriage and the challenge of keeping the romance alive. We came to the conclusion that we both faced countless pressures that seemed to sweep in and steal those opportunities for us to be able to keep the romance alive. Those pressures being work, church commitments, young children, finance, extended family, avoiding familiarity and a messy home! 

After all the mussels had been devoured and the good red drunk .... to quickly ..... we came too the following conclusion: Over the next year we would endeavor to explore different ideas to spice up our married life. In this blog we will share the ideas we try and we will both individually write how they went for us. 

So this weekend we will set the boundaries and list the ideas we have in mind, in order to begin this journey of discovery.

We would love you to join us on this journey, adding your own comments, especially if you are trying our ideas out yourself.  We invite you to email us any suggestions that you think we should try -within our boundaries!. 


  1. Good luck! Marriage and relationships are hard work, but ultimately the most rewarding work there is! My boyfriend and i have been together five years now, but my parents have been married for 44 years, and they're still very much in love! I hope I'm like them in 39 years time!

  2. Thank you Red Boots - hope you have had a great day x