Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Mobile Phones .....

Jim ....... Been a strange day so far. Niamh left early for work and I had the task of getting the children ready for school and dropping them off before going to work myself. I sent Niamh a text telling her that I loved her, would be praying for her today and that I could not wait to see her later.

I heard the text arrive a moment later and found that Niamh had left her phone at home! I found it really hard today not being able to contact her and to find out how her day was going. It felt as if I was missing something and left me feeling lost as I went about my work.

Niamh was more in my thoughts today because I did not know how her day was going ...... but was it all so bad if I thought about her more and prayed for her often?


  1. An interesting observation. Minus the constant ability to contact means we are less apt to take people for granted.

    I have always felt that married couples don't pray enough for each other. It is a lovely gift you both give each other.


  2. thanks for the comment about prayer x